How Coronavirus has impacted online shopping??

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Covid-19 spread all around and no country is immune to this virus. This main source of this virus spread is from person to person. In many countries, it's a complete lockdown at this time only essential item business is allowed to run during this time. The planet earth is now in the zone of war and this deadly virus is affecting everyone.


The coronavirus outbreak is seriously disturbing the worldwide economy. Practically all the countries are battling to hinder the transmission of the ailment by testing and treating patients, isolating presumed people through contact following, limiting enormous social occasions, keeping up total or halfway lockdown, and so forth. Many people lose their job, businesses are closing down and it doesn't matter you are living in a developed country or underdeveloped country every country lawmaker are declaring that this virus is collapsing their economy. Air traveling related companies hit very badly because the main source of spreading that virus is traveling from one country to another and the passengers were the career of that virus without knowing.


Online shopping boom a lot because of the coronavirus. Everyone  is now ordering online so they can travel less and minimise the spread or get effected by that virus. But many companies are thinking to close down their physical store and operate online its mean many people will lose their job permanently.


Social distancing is a new normal. But I think people are already too busy to care about other people and because of this virus, they will get more careless and think very less about society. Do you think people will get more close to each other after the virus or that distance will stay forever?


In short, everything will change and nothing will remain the same. Experts believe that the effect will get better in more than 10 years. But we need to stay strong and help others everything will get better eventually.


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