Importance of mobile application for business.

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Application (app) software can be basically defined as a set of programs designed for end users which needs certain platform to run and is given by a system software. Some of the example for application software are a web browser, media player, file viewer, photo editor or a word processor. Similarly, mobile application is a software which is designed to run on mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet. These applications are generally small and has got limited function compared to other app that runs on PCs. The use of mobile application software was originally popularized by Apple Inc. in its APP store which offers hundreds of thousands of applications for its devices iPhone and iPad.

Smartphone and Smartphones application have revolutionized the flow of information in terms of human interaction, business, entertainment, science and education the success of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets has changed the e-commerce and the way it functions. According to the data released by market intelligent firm IDC (International Data Corporation) mobile devices have now outnumbered laptops and desktops and technology available in market is changing customer preference, business condition and market opportunities.

With the recent growth in mobile technology, the percentage of customer using mobile devices to browse products shows a dramatic increase; 80% of internet user own a Smartphone and among many other technologically advanced options, consumers will still prefer to use the mobile device to browse product and services. In this digital era, people from small to old age are highly tech savvy and they are using their mobile device for everything ordering foods or goods and even browsing for different services. A mobile application is considered to be the easiest way to enable this behaviour. Many businesses have moved into mobile app market to widen their customer reach and to provide an easier and friendly customer experience. Mobile app can also improve customer service, apart from just increasing product sales and visibility of business.

ICT company like AusNep IT Solutions can use mobile application to enhance its business in following ways:

a.    Exposure of business:  A research shows that smart phone users spends more time online i.e. at least of 162 minutes daily. So, having a mobile app can help in increasing business visibility and promote the growth of business as people tends to associate more with the images they see more often.

b.    Loyalty of customer: Mobile Application can also be used to increase the loyalty of customer as it allows customer to directly communicate with business via In-app purchases, advertisements, promotions and also notifications sent to customers’ phone via mobile apps.

c.     Marketing tools: Mobile Application can also be used as a marketing tools in reaching targets of achieving customers. Business owners does not need to print thousands of brochures and hire someone to distribute it rather than that, mobile app can provide information, registration/booking forms, newsfeed, accounts and other valuable marketing tools. Customers can be made aware of promotional offers by just simply pushing notifications.

d.    Brand awareness: Mobile App help business in creating brand awareness and recognition by using features customers can fall in love easily. Offers inside an app and different promotions through mobile app will help customer in engaging towards business.

e.    Source of Data and Information: Business can use mobile app to get knowledge about customer preferences and their behavioural pattern which will enable them to make important decision on knowing customers which will have an implication on boosting relation with customer and improving their experience.


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