Why should we sell online in 2020?

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What should you sell online in 2020?


Classibazaar would like to introduce a list of products that you can sell it online. Moreover, it is attractive to customers and effectively bring you with a significant amount of profit.

Nowadays, internet is an essential tool that people use to communicate, promote themselves and do businesses. Online business gradually becomes a popular trend at the moment due to its remarkable benefits comparing to traditional businesses. Online business can happen anytime and still fulfill demand of buyers and sellers. Hence, Classibazaar suggests you with some easy-to-sell products in 2020.


  1. Clothes:

Everyone has their need of wearing clothes, dressing up. It will never stop but changing ever year.Fashion trend is always changed while millenniums always like to catch up with the latest trend. There are various types of clothes, for example, it can be categorized into ages, genders, seasons and so on. If you love doing business, knowledgeable about fashion, be able to predict or expose to different fashion trend, you should start your online fashion business.

In order to be success in this industry, you should know:

  • Ability to predict any changes of fashion trends in any points of time… For instance, in 2020, which styles, materials, colors that your consumers like. You need to always update new and unique styles to compete with others.
  • Choosing qualified, credible and affordable sources because it creates a huge gap between the product’s quality and the trends. If your products have quality and affordability. We are sure that customers will choose your store among others.
  • Knowing more about your target customers. Obviously, if you target a specific customer segmentation, it will be easy for you to sell effectively and also customers to choose what they want.
  1. Shoes

The same as clothes, shoes are one of the profitable items in the list. We all know that there are many different kinds of shoes from sports to casual and event that businesses can choose to sell. Selling shoes requires your experience of distinguish different types and styles. You should also choose the products from qualified suppliers; hence it will be easy for you to consult with customers.

  1. Cosmetic

Being ranked third place in the list of easy-to-sell products, cosmetics never makes seller disappointed. At the moment, not only woman put concern about their looks but also man. Hence, more customers seek to use cosmetics to improve their look.Types of cosmetics can be chosen to sell online such as makeup products, skincare products, body-care products, perfume, hair-care products as well as natural cosmetic, etc. Because the products will be applied directly to the skin, customers will put more concern about the quality and origin. You are required to be knowledgeable about cosmetics, able to give customers best reviews about the particular products and knowing some skincare tips will be advantageous.

  1. Food

Food is one of the successful items that you can start selling online anytime. During the pandemic COVID-19, people are very concerned of going out to eat, so why don’t we make use of the situation and sell food online. People have more time working at home, searching for some snacks or food in the midnight. It’s your advantage to sell them online.

In short, there are just some profitable and easy-to-sell products that Classibazaar suggests. Asides from that you can choose different products as handmade products, kitchen equipment and accessories, fashion accessories, books and many more. One more small notice that you should carefully choose the qualified products to sell with the right price, because out there, you have many competitors with good price and quality. Classibazaar wishes you all the best in your journey!

Benefits of buying secondhand commodities

You are in a hardship at the moment. You don’t have enough financial ability to afford some necessities for your daily use. That is one of the reasons why secondhand stuffs become one of the most popular choices of some people. You should know there are a bunch of benefits when buying them.

  1. Extremely economical

Some secondhand stuffs are used to be new ones to many people. Throughout the years, they become obsolete and depreciated. However, if the previous owner uses and takes good care of them, they will somehow maintain good quality. Secondhand stuffs are sold with a remarkably cheap price as well as the good quality. It is definitely worth to buy for some savers.

  1. Good quality

Before displaying to sell, they are chosen carefully in order to make sure the remaining quality reach 80-90%, though they are called secondhand. Especially, it cannot be ignored that some of the secondhand stuffs are totally new, due to some reasons that their previous owner bought and did not use them. Therefore, it is placed in the secondhand shelves.

  1. Uniqueness

At stores selling new items, there are a great number of commodities sold every day. Those styles and designs are popular. If you want to have a unique design, it might cost you a lot to have it.

It is totally different with secondhand stuffs. You are able to own a creatively customizing item from the previous owner and just only you have it. Moreover, secondhand stuffs are mostly collected from various sources, some of them are rare.

  1. Protect the environment

It is a big challenge for any country in disposing trash because it is costly and might have some other effects to the environment. For example, garbage is usually disposed by burying or burning, however, it charges the environment with a huge price of pollution. By shifting to use secondhand commodities, we are participating in the new recycle of goods and protecting the enviroment.

No one can denied that there are all outstanding benefits when using secondhand items. But obviously, people have their own opinions and decisions. If you choose wisely and carefully, you will own the best saving and qualified secondhand items ever.


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